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Why do you need a website?

The Internet is Where the Buyers Are…

  • 80% of home buyers use the Internet to find their home.
  • “A large majority of those looking for a home choose to engage the assistance of an agent.” Just because buyers use the Internet to search for homes doesn’t mean they don’t need you. However, they will want an agent who can provide them a website to use.
  • 81% of buyers who used the Internet to find their home used an agent/broker to buy their home.

Actions taken as result of using an Internet site:

  • Drove by/viewed a home - 74%
  • Walked through a home viewed online- 61%
  • Found agent used to search/buy home - 23%

2006 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

NAR Survey Provides Some Clear Lessons