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1) Accessing Your Control Panel
Your control panel is the place to go to do everything from choosing the look of your site to viewing your stats. You can access your control panel in two ways:

1. Click on the "Agents Only" link at the bottom of every page

- OR -

2. In the address bar of your browser, enter your website address followed by /activeagent. Example: www.joeagent.com/activeagent

You will be prompted for you user name and password so have it ready.

A successful login will bring you to your control panel home page.

2) Changing Your Password

When you signup for your ActiveAgent™ Professional website, a password is automatically generated for you. However, you can change that password at any time. Here's how:

From your Control Panel, click the "Agent Tools" tab at the top of your screen. Next, click on the "Account Info" button located just below the tabs at the top of your screen. This takes you to a page that lists your account information.

Your password is clickable. Simply click on the password and enter your new password in the fields provided. After you save your new password you will be required to login again.

3) Selecting a Style

Choosing the look of your site is easy and there are many styles to choose from.

Access the "Website Manager" tab from your Control Panel and click on "Style Manager". You can view layouts based on a theme or you can click on "Browse all Styles" to view all the available layouts. You can select your layout, color, and choose a splash page if you choose.

Once you have decided on a layout click "Save Information." Your new look will now be in effect.

4) Uploading Your Photo

Access the "Website Manager" tab from your Control Panel. You will see a "Current Photo" section with an "Edit Photo" button located beneath the photo box. Click on "Edit Photo" and a popup will appear where you can upload your photo. Simply follow these steps:
  • Click "Browse Images"
  • This links to your Image Library in another window.
  • Select an image or photo from your Image Library
  • Clicking your desired image will close the Image Library window and you will see your image in the Edit Photo popup.
  • Click "Save" to save your newly selected photo.
Note: If you would like customizations made to your photo to make it look better within your chosen layout, simply fill out the Customize Now form to request some help from our graphic designers.

5) Adding Your Personal Information

From your Control Panel, click on the "Website Manager" tab located at the top of your screen. This directs you to the page where you can fill out or modify the contact information (name, address, phone number) you want prospects to see while viewing the site.

In addition, you can click on the Home Page Manager and Layout Manager buttons to modify the information you want to appear on your Home Page and the supporting pages of your site.

Be sure to click "Save Information" when you are finished, and the changes will be complete.

6) Finding Your Listings

Your listings are automatically updated to your site from your Multiple Listings Service. You can view your listings in your control panel by clicking on the "Property Tools" tab and then "Listings Manager".

For each of your listings you can maintain photos, add a virtual tour, select a printable flyer, and set a featured home.

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