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1. HTML Editor
In many of the content sections of your website, there is an HTML editor for you to use to style your content. In addition to choosing font, size, color, bold, etc. you can also create links and insert images. The HTML editor allows you to do all these things without having to write your own HTML code.

If you know HTML and you would prefer to write it yourself, just click on the "Source" button and you can enter your own HTML code.

To remove the content in the HTML editor, simply select all content and delete it from that window. On occasion, even though you remove the content from the window, there can be some residual HTML code that still exists. If this occurs, you can remove that by clicking on "Source" and delete any remaining code.

2. Personal Listings

Your site has a feature called Personal Listings that allows you to manually add listings to your site. This is especially helpful so you can add your listings if you do not have an MLS search. To access Personal Listings, simply go to the control panel and click on Property Tools then Listings Manager.

Personal Listings can also be used along with your MLS Search as a way to highlight multiple featured homes, homes you have sold, etc.