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Published by The GoHome Networks, Inc.
November 2008 

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Search Engine Optimization For Forwarded Domains
Website Tips & Tricks: Featured Home
Site Stats: Search Engine & Inbound Links Traffic
Your Account Manager
"The thinnest yellow light of November is more warming and exhilarating than any wine they tell of. 
The mite which November contributes becomes equal in value to the bounty of July."
-   Henry David Thoreau    

Search Engine Optimization For Forwarded Domains
seo leaping salmon  
 It is common for businesses to own several domain names.
Many individuals also use multiple domain names for the same purpose: Increase Internet Presence.
Successful online business models include multiple pathways to a central website. Inbound links from other relevant sites, along with multiple domains pointing to your central site contribute to your Internet presence and overall visibility.
It is commonly understood that inbound links to your website have a direct correlation to your website's search engine rankings. The number and quality (originating from relevant sites) of inbound links contribute to your website's popularity factor, helping position your site well among search engines.
Grow your overall Internet presence by the use of additional domain names. You can set up any number of additional domain names to forward to your main website. Most domain registrars offer free domain forwarding, including setting up Meta Tags and Keywords with your domain registration.
Set up Meta Tags and Keywords on your forwarding domain. Each registrar will have help files to assist you with this. It takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for your new domain to be indexed.
Think about your website as an online presence, and consider the many ways you can improve its visibility and the vital traffic you're looking for.
Website Tips & Tricks: Featured Home 
Just Listed
Your website has many tools and features. One of the most popular is the "Featured Home".
Designate one of your listings as the "Featured Home".   Many website layouts include a featured area on the home page for displaying the "Featured Home". Your designated listing will be populated under the "Featured Home" section. This is a great way to spotlight one of your listings (and your client loves the extra attention!).
You can change the listing for "Featured Home" at any time. You may want to rotate the Featured Home on a daily or a weekly basis. You may keep a Featured Home designation until the listing sells. You may elect not to use the Featured Home designation at all.
You control which of your listings is set as the "Featured Home" through your website's control panel. Click on Property Tools, which brings up your Listings Manager. Click the tab, "Add Featured Home" on the listing you wish to specially designate.
When your Featured Home has sold, be sure to designate a new listing to serve as the "Featured Home". You don't want your website visitors to find the message, "No Property Selected" on your home page.
You can change the features on your home page. If you have no listings, change the "Featured Home" to another feature, like "Property Wizard", or your own content.
If you need assistance with setting up or maintaining the "Featured Home" designation, or about your website in general, be sure to check out the great Help files (question mark icon), or contact ActiveAgent™ Support at
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Site Stats: Search Engine & Inbound Links Traffic 
Active Stats
Web presence is important to your online business. Many factors contribute to web presence, including website visits by your regular clientele,  results of advertising, word of mouth traffic, inbound links, search engine traffic, and more.
ActiveAgent™ website stats measure your traffic and identify the various sources. Check  your stats for information on where your website traffic originates. With detailed stats to identify your traffic sources, you are able to measure growth in any given area.
Search Engine Traffic
ActiveAgent™ Professional provides search engine traffic stats. Login to your control panel and select AdTracker™ for your stats. Choose Site Stats, and click on the tab for "Search Engines".  The current month is shown, with a drop down box for viewing previous months. Your Search Engine stats show the top 5 search engine click-throughs, as well as the top 5 keywords or phrases used to find you.
Inbound Links
Your Site Stats also identify traffic coming in from another site. Click on the tab for "Referrals" to view traffic coming in from other sites. The top 5 referring URLs are shown. You can access previous months' records by clicking on the drop down box. 
Other Traffic Sources
Check Sellers Stats for information on traffic coming from your own listings' AdTracker™ advertising.  Buyers and Sellers Stats show you what people are looking at, once they get to your site.
ActiveAgent™ stats are the best in the business. Knowledge is power, and we strive to keep you informed about your website's traffic. It's another example of the power of ActiveAgent™. 

Your Account Manager 
 You have a solid website, with great Technical Support. Does it get any better? Yes indeed!  

You have a "point person" at GoHome, who can assist you with any special needs or questions.

Your Account Manager will be sure your needs are met, and your questions resolved. If you aren't sure who to turn to, feel free to contact your Account Manager:  

      Laurie Markus